Failed logic control circuitry

The logic control circuitry for a hard drive is actually a small computer that has many components and many functions. Components for this small computer are similar to the host computer that the drive functions with. It has memory, firmware, and a CPU. Some of the functions performed are things like maintaining constant spindle RPM, Head Rack positioning, keeping track of media errors and much more.

Failed Logic Board - Data Recovery Services When this device fails, the drive may make a clicking sound, not spin at all or may cause your computer to not even power on. This failure can also, and typically does, cause damage to internal drive components. The only choice here is to repair the unit or replace it with one that matches it from a "donor" drive and then transfer the original flash memory contents. This procedure does not fix your drive for you to reuse but instead enables us the chance to acquire the raw data (sectors) from the drive. If we have a good sector dump from the drive and the file system is not affected, then we will be able to see the folder and file structure that you were used to seeing and recover your data.