Links to Information Sources on the Internet

Please feel free to check back with us often, as this list is being constantly updated.

Hardware & Software
Adaptec - SCSI, FireWire & RAID controllers
AMD -  processors
Dell -  direct source for systems, storage, and more
Fujitsu -  systems, tape drives, hard drives, etc.
HP - systems, peripherals, and printers
Hitachi - hard drives, etc.
IBM - systems, hard drives, tape drives
Imation - magnetic and optical media products
Intel - processors, motherboards, and various chipsets
Lexar - digital / flash media
Maxoptix - optical cartridge drives and media
Memorex - magnetic and optical media
Panasonic - optical cartridge drives, cartridges, and more
Pioneer - optical cartridge storage systems
Samsung - hard drives, etc.
Seagate - hard disk storage
Sony - notebooks, systems, disk and tape peripherals
Teac - drives and media
Toshiba - notebooks and hard drives
Western Digital - hard drives

Search Engines & Directories

Alta Vista Alta Vista Search site
BobCat BobCat B2B Guide - Desktop & Notebook Buyers Guide
Google Google Web Directory
MSN Microsoft Web Portal & Search site
Yahoo Yahoo Web Portal & Search site
ODP The Open Directory Project
C & CC Directory of Computer & Communication Companies