Western Digital VelociRaptor Recovery - Hard Drive Data Recovery

The WD VelociRaptor has everything you can look for in a device of this type. It is extremely fast, reliable, and ultra-cool operations that make it perfect for any 3D rendering, creation and editing of digital content and much more. However, as any other device of this type it can be vulnerable to media damage or system errors that might cause you to lose the data you have stored.

Losing the data is not a pleasant experience - in fact daunting would be the right word to describe it. You will get frustrated and if the information was really important then probably even devastated. But there is no need to worry. ACE Data Recovery is happy to help.

We have extensive experience when it comes to recovering data from many devices, including the WD VelociRaptor. Apart from that we provide data recovery from any other hard drives, RAID recovery, cell phone data recovery, SSD or flash media recovery and even tape data recovery. So feel free to contact us if you ever need services of this type.

WD VelociRaptor data recovery process: how it works for our clients


Bring or ship your failed storage media to our office for a free diagnostic evaluation.


Receive and approve an all-inclusive quote, so we can start the process immediately.


Give us few days to recover your data and to copy it to a free return media.


Get your data back, copy it to your computer and benefit from our free post-recovery support.

Free external hard drive or usb flash with each completed recovery
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Our Experts are Ready to Recover Data from Your Failed Western Digital VelociRaptor Drive

WD VelociRaptor data recovery We have been in the data recovery business for more than 35 years and so far we have managed to achieve a success rate of 98%. So you must be wondering what our secret is?

  1. We are fast! We need 48 hours for the initial evaluation and additional 2 to 5 business days to fix the problem.
  2. We are reliable! We never make promises we can’t keep. If we believe we can find a solution to your problem, we will accept the task.
  3. We value our customers! We have a policy especially designed to keep our customers happy. With the No data – No Charge policy we guarantee to deliver the promised results. If not, oh well, you won’t have to pay us.

Let Us Get Back Data from Your VelociRaptor Drive

Every recovery process is carried out in one of our private laboratories that are made specifically for this purpose. The laboratories are located across the country and every device is sent there. We never outsource our projects, so you can be sure your data is safe. Our team will make sure to deliver everything directly to you, as agreed.

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