Failed Head Rack Assembly

The Head Rack Assembly (HRA) is the latticework that supports the read/write heads; there is one head per surface. Attached to the back end of the assembly is a voice coil positioned between two ferrite magnets. Energizing the voice coil will drive the read/write heads to the location on the media for reading or writing.

Hard Drive Data Recovery When this device fails, the drive will typically make a clicking sound. The only choice here is to replace and realign the failed HRA with one that matches it from a "donor" drive. This transplant procedure is performed in a clean room environment by highly skilled engineers. This procedure does not fix your drive for you to reuse but instead enables us the chance to acquire the raw data (sectors) from the drive. If we have a good sector dump from the drive and the file system is not affected, then we will be able to see the folder and file structure that you were used to seeing and recover your data.