Data Conversion

Many companies today are finding that access to their old records and archives is essential to their continued successful operations. ACE Data Recovery can migrate your data from old technology to new technology within a wide range of data storage media and formats.

Convert UNIX storage formats to Windows NT formats
ACE Data Recovery has surpassed our competitors with the development of cutting edge tape conversion software that will convert UNIX archives into PC formats. Since then, ACE Data Recovery has continuously improved and modernized this software and other research and development techniques to keep pace with the changes in media and technology.

Convert EBCDIC and other formats to ASCII
Often, even if data can be transferred to another system, it will be unusable. IBM Mainframe data encoded with EBCDIC is not compatible with UNIX or PC systems, making interchanges between the systems impossible. Transferring EBCDIC fixed length records or binary records to a PC workstation will probably crash the system. ACE Data Recovery has solved these compatibility problems and can seamlessly migrate your data from one environment to the other.

Convert COBOL to ASCII
ACE Data Recovery can translate your COBOL record descriptions to ASCII. We can also convert your COPY or SAVE format data into delimited ASCII with printable numeric fields, which can be loaded into most PC or UNIX applications.