Recovery of data from inaccessible hard drive WD800BEVE after client first attempted recovery themselves..

Hard Drive Recovery WD800BEVE

For the average person, that doesn’t have any special knowledge working with HDDs will sometimes find it very difficult to understand what happened to his hard drive. Regardless of that, sometimes the information is so significant that the client decided to open the hard drive because of some videos they saw on YouTube or other DIY websites trying to fix their own hard drive. Of course it could be helpful and probably some people might have the technical knowledge to do so successfully, but in MOST cases, the more likely outcome would be further damage to the hard drive, and the client could end up losing their data permanently in the process.

As an example, we had a client that let’s say his name was Bill from Houston, TX. He had dropped off his Western Digital WD800BEVE hard drive at our lab after seeing some videos online and making the decision to open the drive and attempting to fix it himself first. Not knowing how to handle the drive, he wound up scratching the plates further and left fingerprint residue all over the internal mechanisms, making recovery for our service recovery specialists far more difficult. Luckily for him, our specialists are quite knowledgeable. They immediately understood what happened to the drive originally. After cleaning up the platters and replacing the damaged internal mechanisms, luckily we were able to recover all of the critical data from HDD. All in all, we strongly advise to go to a specialist with your hard drive to recover data before you attempt to repair the damaged drive yourself, especially if it contains data you would consider irreplaceable.

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