Retrieving data from clicking G-Technology 0G00203 HDD

Hard Drive Recovery 0G00203

The following external HDD failure was reported by Chris, a resident of Austin, TX. According to the customer, MAC OS was not able to recognize his G-Technology 0G00203 external hard drive in spite of the fact that the storage device was spinning. Moreover, Chris reported strange clicking sounds he heard when he tried to run the drive.
When ACE Data Recovery engineers received a customer's hard drive in our Dallas lab, it was examined in our cleanroom before powering on in order to prevent possible critical damage that could make a device in question unrecoverable. During the evaluation it was determined that disk writing/reading heads were visibly damaged. Fortunately, critical areas looked intact.
As a part of a cleanroom work, damaged heads were swapped to the ones taken from a donor data storage device. After this operation, the drive was powered on for testing purposes. The very first attempt to retrieve customer's data was successful. As a result, an image of the hard drive was obtained, and all critical files were copied to an alternative data storage device. A happy client from Austin, TX received his data back in less than a week.

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