Hard Drive Turn-In Process

Software and Hardware Recoveries

So, your computer has just frozen, locking in data essential to your business or personal life. You know you need to contact ACE Data Recovery Service's Data Recovery Service team in order to retrieve it, but you're unsure of the process. Read this article to learn everything you'll need to know about how to get ACE Data Group on the case, and what happens in the data recovery process.

The initial step in your data recovery process is to contact ACE Data Group's Customer Care Center personnel (1-877-304-7189). They are highly experienced in answering questions from panicked PC owners, and they will attempt to ease your data anxiety attack. Be prepared to give the call center personnel detailed information about the problem and the circumstances that led to it so they can better address your concerns.

After speaking to the customer care center, the next step is to get the damaged drive to our Data Recovery Services team. There are several ways to accomplish this: you can either ship the system to us via U.S. mail or a private delivery services such as UPS, or you can drop the drive off at one of our branch offices or drop off centers, located in key cities throughout the U.S. (The customer care center can help you find the drop off center closest to you.)

If you elect to ship the drive to us, please remove it from the computer prior to doing so. Not only will you save on shipping costs, but it will help our data recovery engineers to more easily perform a diagnostic on the drive. If you elect to bring the drive directly to one of our locations, this step is unnecessary; an engineer can remove the drive for you.

Software Failure Recovery

After the drive is received and the information you provided is analyzed, the defective drive is connected to a data recovery work station, where an experienced data recovery engineer can diagnose the problem.

If it is determined that the drive has not experienced a hardware failure, then our data recovery specialist will first attempt to recover the data by connecting the drive to a work station computer and utilizing ACE Data Recovery's propriety software. This will be successful in recovering data that was lost by accidental deletion of partitions or formatting errors. During this process, any existing data is read and then copied onto another, undamaged hard drive. The data recovery engineer will work with the copied data only, in order to prevent further corruption from the damaged drive.

Hardware Failure Recovery

In the event that the software recovery attempt is unsuccessful, the next step is to perform a hardware failure recovery. In this process, the engineer will usually start out by replacing the circuit board. Sometimes, a trial-and-error method will be involved, requiring the engineer to systemically replace various components, such as defective drive heads, so that the recovery can be completed. Since these replacements require compatible parts and firmware, our Data Recovery Services team maintains an extensive supply of essential parts and has a list of responsive suppliers that can quickly fill our parts requests.

In both cases, the recovery engineer will substitute the defective part with a working one until he or she is able to gain access to the hard drive data . In 96% of all cases, we are able to recover 100% of the data.

So now that you know what to expect every step of the way, give ACE Data Recovery Services team a call. Either we'll recover your data and return your system to you (and even pay for the shipping!), or you won't pay us a dime. That's our guarantee, and we stand proudly behind it.