Are CHIA plots recoverable? | ACE Data Recovery Article

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, you may have heard of CHIA. If you have not, you may be wondering why on Earth is a data recovery company writing a piece on it. And to your answer your question: CHIA is a relatively new cryptocurrency that utilizes storage media as an eco-friendly alternative to operate its net space. Exciting right? CHIA certainly thinks so. Let us break down how CHIA works and what it means for data recovery.

Like other cryptocurrencies, CHIA utilizes a blockchain database to provide secure, efficient transactions of its currency. And how does a blockchain database work? Simply put, it is a decentralized way of storing transaction data into blocks, and then stringing those blocks chronologically in a database to create a digital ledger. Who contributes to this blockchain database? Anyone! You could go to CHIA’s website right now and install their software and start contributing to their network, and you would get rewarded too!

Chia Plots Data Rcovery

So, what makes CHIA different from other cryptocurrencies? There are several things, but the part that is relevant to storage media and data recovery is how CHIA people contribute to their blockchain database. But let us take a step back before we describe how it is different with a comparison to the most popular cryptocurrency out there, Bitcoin.

If you are familiar with Bitcoin, you may be familiar with Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is a computer/electricity intensive process or “work,” and its purpose is to securely build upon the blockchain by solving an intense computational puzzle. People who run this software, or ‘Miners’ then receive Bitcoin for contributing to the blockchain. They are paid based off “proof of work.” So, the question still stands, how does this compare with CHIA?

Instead of adding to the blockchain database using the intensive “mining” process, CHIA opts for a more eco conscious “farming” process using storage media. By allocating space on a hard drive for CHIA’s blockchain algorithm, the space is used to calculate the same computational puzzles. This process is called plotting. Farmers can also earn CHIA for plotting and the rewards are based off how many plots you have, and how long you have had them.

To summarize what makes CHIA different: It adopts an environmentally friendly method of supporting its blockchain algorithm, and pays its farmers based off a proof of space and time of its plots, not proof of work. Now for the next big question, how is this new novelty cryptocurrency correlated to data recovery?

Short answer: If your hard drive or solid-state drive fail, CHIA plots are recoverable. And depending on the scale of plotting occurring, data recovery may be the logical next step. If you experienced some sort of errors or failure while farming your way to riches, give ACE Data Recovery a call at 877-304-7189 and speak to a specialist today!