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laptop data recovery

Laptops and notebook computers take a lot of abuse, and with today's mobile technology, more and more critical data is being stored on these devices every day. Because they are often carried about and exposed to different environmental factors such as heat, water and dust, laptops and notebook computers are far more susceptible to data loss and became a subject for laptop data recovery than their desktop counterparts. Their portability makes these sophisticated and essential in-the-field mobile devices prime candidates for laptop data recovery. At the same time as an increasing amount of data is being saved, these devices are still the least frequently backed-up.
Many high-end or hardened laptop computers have motion sensing protection. This protection is designed to temporarily stop or park the heads to prevent damage. Active hard drive protection  refers to technology that attempts to avoid or reduce mechanical damage to hard disk drives, and thus laptop data recovery, by preparing the disk(s) prior to impact. With a triaxial accelerometer, the system detects sudden acceleration, such as when the computer is dropped, and prepares the relatively fragile hard disk drive  mechanism for impact. The system disengages the heads from the hard disk platters, preventing data loss and drive damage from a disk head crash and helping to minimize laptop data recovery. When the computer is stable, the drive operates normally again. Several laptop vendors have implemented this technology under different names:

  • HDAPS – Hard Drive Active Protection System, by Lenovo
  • Sudden Motion Sensor by Apple Inc.
  • GraviSense by Acer
  • HP Mobile Data Protection System 3D and ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection by HP
  • Free Fall Sensor by Dell
  • HDD Protection by Toshiba

Some hard drive manufacturers also include this technology, needing no cooperation from the PC itself:

  • ShockGuard by Western Digital
  • G-Force Protection by Seagate Technology

But unfortunately, none of these methods are a 100% guarantee that they will NEVER need laptop data recovery.  The magnetic plates in every hard drive are very precisely polished.  So much so, that when you press two platters together, you would not be able to disconnect them simply by pulling in different directions.  The molecular attraction is strong enough, that a grown man could separate the platters only by sliding them apart.
When a mechanical shock happens, hard drives may experience damage caused by the read/write heads dropping down  onto the moving platters. Normally these heads float on a thin layer of air over the spinning platters, but if a shock happens and the two do come in direct contact, the heads can literally become "glued" to the plates. When this does happen, the heads can only be "unglued" from the plates by a trained engineer using special equipment.

Laptop Data Recovery Can Be More Common Than Desktop

Laptop hard drives  endure different abuse elements as compared to your standard 3.5" desktop hard drive. Although similar in design architecture, laptop drives are smaller than desktop drives. The micro environment of these laptop drives makes the data recovery a delicate task, requiring not only specialized data recoveryb knowledge but also specifically designed tools.  With components ever so delicate and precise, these are added difficulty factors for recovery engineers to face.  No matter the cause of data loss: accidental, mechanical, or environment related damages, our team of engineers have the capability and skills to make things right.
At ACE Data Recovery, no matter what type of hard drive it is, we use only non-destructive laptop data recovery processes that use drive sectors cloning. This means we pull data from your drive on a sector by sector basis, and we work directly on the clone. This will ensure your drive is not damaged further and that a second image of the original structure can be acquired if needed. ACE Data Recovery’s laptop data recovery process meets manufacturer's requirements and will not void your original warranty.

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