Retrieving data from failed Samsung MZ7LN500 drive completed successfully

SSD Drive Recovery MZ7LN500

Getting crucial data from failed RAID units makes one of ACE Data Recovery top priority. The following case is the best proof of this statement. Clayton, a staff member of an accounting firm from Aurora, Il, contacted ACE Data Recovery lab in Chicago after the serious RAID 0 failure. In fact, one of the array's hard drives, Samsung MZ-75E500, went down for an unknown reason causing potential data loss. In a cleanroom environment, the drive was disassembled.
The Flash RAM chips were removed from the PCB and read on special equipment. There was no need in RAID array rebuilding as the raw data was accessed by using proprietary tools developed by ACE Data Recovery technicians. Once the specialist had got access to the raw data, they analyzed the patterns of the data and merged it back together. As a result, the logical structure of the array was restored and critical files were copied from the aforementioned Samsung MZ-75E500 to a brand new storage device and given back to the client.

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